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  核心提示: 'SF' the legend of the world of beauty description is abnormal, 'the world is a quiet and modest ma...

"SF" the legend of the world of beauty description is abnormal, "the world is a quiet and modest maiden, a gentleman's good mate" on the beauty of the first reaction, such as the description of beauty, is the "Legends of the world" SF "Legends of the world" SF "legend world SF" in a song, said: "the hand like soft. Lily-white skin, such as collar teeth like melon seeds, longicorn's larva, a beautiful woman, qiaoxiaoqianxi, energy-saving", this is the beauty of temptation! Since ancient times, known as "the beauty of some people to Beauty causes danger.", "beauty is my good fortune, lost my life, but the beauty is always the focus of attention, this is an indisputable fact!《传奇世界sf》对丽人的描述是异常的多,“窈窕淑女,正人好逑”恰是世人对丽人的第一反应,而诸如对丽人的描述,当属《传奇世界sf》中的一首,其曰:“手如柔荑,肤如凝脂,领如蝤蛴,齿如瓠犀,螓首蛾眉,巧笑倩兮,美目盼兮”,这就是丽人的诱惑力!从古到今,有的称丽工资“红颜祸水”,有人对丽人则是“得之我幸,失之我命”,然则丽人永远是世人注视的焦点,这是不争的事实!


Recently, a large costume drama "legend world SF" DEDECATES Xian Ying, the popular level is self-evident, and the name Webpage Game "SF" is the legend of the world quietly, not just in order to catch the "Legends of the world" SF TV Zhetang "express", is the best witness shadow tour linkage. And there are a lot of players to the legend of the world sf this game has great expectations, then "Legend of the world SF" this game in the end performance? Following up and walked into the great game world.比来,大型古装历史剧《传奇世界sf》倾情献映,其火爆程度不言而喻,而同名页游《传奇世界sf》也是悄无声息的出现,不仅仅是为了搭上《传奇世界sf》电视剧的这趟“快车”,更是影游联动的最好见证。而切实其实是有很多玩家对《传奇世界sf》这款游戏抱有极大的期待,那么《传奇世界sf》这款游戏到底表现若何呢?下面就一路来走进这如痴如醉的游戏世界吧。


When it comes to the legend of the world SF screen, basically can only use one word to describe the "beauty", whether or bridges are very high mountains and lofty hills, vivid, the city is also a splendid chapter of peacefulness, the beauty of this is "the legend of the world be nothing difficult," SF game for the first feeling of course is the basic game player. Always on.要说到传奇世界sf的画面,基本上只能用一个字“美”来形容,不管是小桥流水照样崇山峻岭,都是异常的形象逼真,主城也是一片歌舞泰平承平,锦绣华章之美不在话下,这是《传奇世界sf》游戏给玩家的第一感到,当然也是基本上贯穿始终的。


Of course, the temperament and image of the characters are also full marks, everywhere exudes dynamic beauty, and seems to have meaning, fairy gas hit, and this is also "legendary world SF" as a fairy Xia game unique elements.当然人物的气质和形象也是满分,处处披发着动态美,而且似乎还有意思仙气袭来,这也是《传奇世界sf》作为一款仙侠游戏所特有的元素。


When Xiao Bian entered the game, first of all to see is the drama hero, Qu Yuan, but Qu Yuan looks like this and preoccupied by some troubles, the drama of Qu Yuan still has a lot of similarities, are always unexpected things that Qu Yuan met, as internationally we have to continue to help Qu Yuan with the help of reunification, he completed the state of chu.当小编踏入游戏中时,首先见到的就是电视剧的主人公——屈原,不过屈原看起来苦衷重重的样子,这和电视剧中的屈原照样有很多相似的地方,永远都是突如其来的工作让屈原赶上,而作为玩家的我们就要赓续的赞助屈原,一路助他完成楚国的统一大业。


Of course, in the "world of legend" SF game, game player can relive the story everywhere legend in the world of SF, whether it is television drama "through thick and heavy in colours and jade" story, the story twists and turns or his mission to Qi unites Qi, can ah game savor, in NPC conversation, we can even feel to the scene of fierce lecturefield.当然在《传奇世界sf》游戏中,玩家可以处处重温传奇世界sf的相关剧情,不管是电视剧中浓墨重彩的“借还和氏璧”剧情,照样屈原出使齐国联齐抗秦的曲折故事,都可以子啊游戏细细品味,在NPC的对话间,我们甚至可以感触感染到那激辩群儒的激烈场景。


As a very promising game, the legendary world SF gameplay features will naturally not let you down! Of course, the most popular game player or to help bring the "maid" system, there are a lot of game player can choose the maid, the maid put into different systems to fight, can give the maid wearing a beautiful dress, can give the maid to enhance the level, this is blatant "get into play, will bring more unlimited it is also possible and uncertainty are most looking forward to the game game player.作为一款很有看点的游戏,《传奇世界sf》游戏的特色弄法自然也不会让人人失望!当然最受关注的照样给玩家带来赞助的“侍女”系统,玩家有很多侍女可以选择,可以将侍女摆成不合的阵型前去应战,可以给侍女穿上美丽的时装,可以给侍女提升等级,这就是赤裸裸的“养成”弄法,会带来更多无限的可能和不确定性,这也是玩家们最期待的游戏方法。


款游戏看点仅仅只有这些,需要待改进的地方也很多。These are the only things that need to be improved.

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