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  核心提示: The Dragon (Dragon) has been one of the most important characters in the Western magic world. They...


The Dragon (Dragon) has been one of the most important characters in the Western magic world. They usually play the leading BOSS role in the end. While in the virtual work of those of every hue active in the dragons, their prototype is what kind of?
Quetzalcoatl & Quetzalcoatlus

羽蛇神 & 风神翼龙


Similarity: 2 (less learning)
Quetzalcoatl (classical Nahuatl: Quetzalcohu. TL), meaning "serpent") is the most important in Aziz Turk's Mythology One of the gods. This is the "feathered snake" image of the gods first appeared in the Olmec civilization, and is generally found in Mesoamerican civilization myths, such as Mayan Kukulcan, Chinese is referred to as quetzalcoatl.



While the game is "survival" in the evolution of the ark: Quetzalcoatlus Etymology (Quetzalcoatlus) has since then, this also can be said to be an anecdote paleontology community -- but in fact can also be seen from the figure, both from names almost nothing similar places (laughs).
Ned Hoge & Neltharion

尼德霍格 & 耐萨里奥


相Similarity: 3 (partly for reference)
Mr. Hoge is in Norse mythology for the protoss bring about the destruction of the black dragon, it was entrenched in the world at the bottom of the tree eating tree roots, the roots of the world tree when it will bite through the food completely, the Nordic mythology Doomsday in the twilight of the gods "will come, is a symbol of the destruction of the black dragon.



The "World of Warcraft" in the famous Deathwing Neltharion is so powerful and dark appearance. Wherever they went, flames were everywhere. Under the wing of the wing, there is almost nothing to live on. It is enhanced version of Hoge - but ironically ned ned Hoge successfully destroyed the gods, Deathwing ruled Azeroth will fail.
Fafnir & Smaug

法夫纳 & 史矛革


Similarity: 5 (carved in a mold)
Favna is the name of a dwarf in northern mythology, who has been turned into a huge dragon because of his lust for cursed treasures. While the "Hobbit" in the history of China leather is such a treasure guardian dragon. And more interestingly, Smaug the plot also and kill Fafnir the hero Siegfried is very similar. After Siegfried kill Fafnir body with dragon, and invulnerability. But because it was covered with a leaf of Bodhi, it was that Siegfried had such a weakness.



Smaug also, due to the large number of precious stones and gold embedded in the body, which makes him almost no damage, but the Hobbit Bilbo in Smaug's lair that Smaug the left chest there is a gap, it has become an important cause of the death of Smaug.
Aziz Dahaka & Tallo fix

阿兹达哈卡 & 塔洛菲克斯


Similarity: 5 (carved in a mold)
The name Aziz may be a lot of people unfamiliar, it is the ancient Persian Zoroastrianism (So Loa Sid) in the most powerful magic dragon. Described as "three head, three, six, there are thousands of changes in the Zoroastrian demon", for the LORD God myth (God) is a great threat to ahura. (pictures from the novel "problem children come from different worlds")



"Darkness and light" in ancient Mobile Games dragon made by Tallo Fikes on the main Gothar damage, while the three head image has some overlap, so huge degree of approximation, let the hearts have a small party has excited.
The huge magical worldview and abundant species is always dark and light characteristics, "black" Mobile Games is now the first test, game player soon will be able to appreciate the strength of the terrible dragon!



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