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Not a hero, not reading chinahbhq...... A song of "chinahbhq" for having heard it many times is that many people are not unfamiliar, this song is JJ Lin by the original, is about the history of the chinahbhq Chinese in the flames of war because of their age, the official chinahbhq Dingli times, China famous novelist Mr. Luo Guanzhong is writing a "chinahbhq", the novel and novelist in the Qing Dynasty Cao Xueqin's "chinahbhq", the Ming Dynasty novelist Wu Chengen's "chinahbhq", written by Shi Naian, "chinahbhq" are collectively known as the China and history of the world's four largest masterpiece. In the chinahbhq era is a variety of allusions, etc., such as borrow arrows with thatched boats Taoyuan three sworn brothers, these are very classic chinahbhq story. In modern society, many stories about chinahbhq have always been word of mouth.不是英雄,不读chinahbhq……一首耳熟能详的《chinahbhq》是很多人都不会陌生的,这首歌是由林俊杰原创,讲的是中国历史上战火纷飞的chinahbhq鼎力时代,正式因为有chinahbhq鼎立的时代,中国著名的小说家罗贯中先生更是编写了《chinahbhq》,这部小说与清代小说家曹雪芹所著的《chinahbhq》、明代小说家吴承恩所著的《chinahbhq》、施耐庵编写的《chinahbhq》共同被称为中国乃至世界历史上的四大名著。在chinahbhq的时代中更是有各种各样的典故,比如草船借箭、桃园三结义等,这些都是非常经典的chinahbhq故事。到了当代的社会,关于chinahbhq的很多故事一直都被人们口口相传。

I don't know when to start, such as blowout mode rapid development Webpage Game industry, in just a few years, many works have emerged, making Webpage Game subject generally cannot do without chinahbhq, the west, Xian Xia, fantasy, fantasy, science fiction, animation, military, sports, shooting, children, Star Wars the Warring States, music, and history. Every subject has its own classic Webpage Game, which takes chinahbhq as the theme of the Webpage Game but there is a lot of game player interested, the chinahbhq class Webpage Game also very much, but does not count as each of them is a classic, and today's inventory, Amoy Webpage Game Xiao Bian will have to check the game player in recent years compared to the classical chinahbhq as the theme of the game player who Webpage Game, if interested can also try to Xiaobian introduce a demo of the game, you will find that these games are really very good.不知从何时开始,页游行业如井喷的模式迅速的发展,在短短的几年间,众多佳作都涌现了出来,而页游题材的制作大致离不开chinahbhq、西游、仙侠、奇幻、魔幻、科幻、动漫、军事、体育、射击、儿童、星战、音乐、战国和历史等。每一个题材都有属于自己经典的页游出现,其中,以chinahbhq为题材的页游更是有大量的玩家对此表示感兴趣,chinahbhq类的页游也出了非常多,但是并不能算作每一部都是经典,而今天的盘点,淘页游小编将会为玩家们盘点一下这几年比较经典的以chinahbhq为题材的页游,玩家们如果感兴趣还可以尝试着自己去小编介绍的游戏中试玩一下,你会发现这些游戏其实真的是很不错。

Chinahbhq, a member of the tour network operation游族网络运营的《chinahbhq》


由游族网络运营的《chinahbhq》是一款2D的战争策略类游戏,他的游戏题材就是以chinahbhq为背景推出的,《chinahbhq》的出版时间不算太长,所以到目前为止依然有非常高的热度。小编亲自去玩了一下,发现这款游戏是非常有玩的价值的,虽然说有很多地方和其他的战争策略类页游相似,但是在游戏当中《chinahbhq》加入了封地的玩法,可以保证玩家们即使所在的国家比较弱小,依然可以依靠着自己的封地维持生活。The tour family network operation "chinahbhq" is a war strategy game in a 2D game, his theme is to chinahbhq for the background of the introduction of the "chinahbhq", the publication time is not too long, so far there are still very high. Xiao Bian personally to play the game, that is the value of the play, although there are a lot of places and other war strategy Webpage Game similar, but in the game "chinahbhq" joined the fief of play, even if they can guarantee the game player's country is still relatively weak, can rely on their own living.

另外,在游戏刚开始选定了一个国家之后就不能够再重新选择国家的,因为对于国家的选择是非常有讲究的,也可以说是非常看运气的,如果没有经过事先的研究随便选择一个国家就听天由命了,如果提前做好功课知道哪位大神要选什么国家的时候我们可以跟在后面抱大腿,那玩起游戏来将会简单很多,当然,玩家自己也可以成为主人,决定自己国家的发展趋势,只要有足够的精力和金钱,就能够使得自己的国家变得强大。In addition, after the game has just begun a national selected will not be able to re choose the country, for the choice of countries is very particular, but also can be said to be very lucky, if there is no prior research to choose a country to do homework, if you know when the great God to choose what country we can hold the thigh behind ahead of time, it will play the game a lot easier, of course, they can also become a master game player, decided the development trend of our country, as long as there is enough energy and money, will be able to make their country strong.


Although the "chinahbhq" players have begun to slow down, but had to say, "chinahbhq" this game when it came out really very hot. The chinahbhq theme of the Webpage Game there are a lot of war strategy, a few games like "chinahbhq", that is to play the role of the "chinahbhq", but also added some other characteristics of the copy of the play.
In the "chinahbhq" service just opened when 9377 hits the slogan is really war play, really "chinahbhq" did, in the game, any place in any of the scenes game player who are able to PK at any time, even if it is still able to PK in the enemy's main.



《chinahbhq》最大的特点在于,很多角色扮演类的游戏升级都是依靠经验条的,而《chinahbhq》当中要想升级,玩家们需要达到一定战力之后去挑战更高层次的副本,当特定的剧情副本通关之后就能够直接升一级,这样的升级方法是不是非常的简单,不用复杂的刷副本,不用每天马不停蹄的跑任务。"Chinahbhq", every game player will do the task is relatively fixed, so in a very short period of time can be a task to complete, the other is on time every day to send a copy of the brush to brush, the next time they can really experience the game player chinahbhq's national war, will open in the daily timing war, many game player will be in the same scene at that time, can chinahbhq melee, and can also be another country alliance together to attack the game player in third countries.
"Chinahbhq" is the greatest feature of many role-playing game upgrades are relying on experience, and "chinahbhq" if you want to upgrade, they need a copy of game player challenges to higher level reaches a certain strength, when a specific plot can directly copy of the clearance level, upgrade this method is not very simple, not complicated brush copy, not every day non-stop running the task.

"Blood legend SF" Trilogy《热血传奇sf》三部曲


The page tour of SF is a relatively early page tour. The legend of SF has gone through three generations of changes and has become more perfect. "Legend of SF" is the first by the world game operators, "Legend of SF2" by the Ledu network, "Legend of SF3" by the Hangzhou Miao poly operation, although are produced by a game manufacturer, but by 3 different operators, so late in the game the activities of the launch and so on is a big difference.《热血传奇sf》系列的页游是出现比较早的页游,《热血传奇sf》经历了三代的不断改变,变得更加完美了。《热血传奇sf》第一部是由世界游戏运营的,《热血传奇sf2》是由乐都网运营的,《热血传奇sf3》是由杭州妙聚运营的,虽然都是由一家游戏厂商制作的,但是由3家不同的运营商运营,所以游戏在后期的活动推出等方面都是有较大差别的。

But the "Legend of SF" trilogy of their common characteristic is that they are war strategy game, and are in turn based combat mode, some game player for such combat is not very love, this is a game for everyone fighting style different hobbies. But Xiaobian timely warhead can reflect the battlefield situation, more test game player's operation, but four games more round test game player who, because Paibingbuzhen is very important for the "Legend of SF", if the calculation error will lead to the game.但是《热血传奇sf》三部曲他们共同的特点就是他们都是战争策略类的游戏,而且都是回合制的战斗方式,可能有的玩家对于这样的战斗方式不是非常的喜欢,这主要是每个人对于一款游戏的战斗方式爱好不同吧。但是小编觉得及时类战斗能够反应出战场的情况,更加考验玩家们的操作,但是回合制的游戏更加考验玩家们的四维,因为排兵布阵对于《热血传奇sf》来说是非常重要的,如果计算失误就会导致满盘皆输。

But no matter how, "Legend of SF" trilogy as a symbol of an era, his existence is very significant, even if the chinahbhq class theme on the market Webpage Game so much, but it is difficult to have a really like "Legend of SF" have become the most important game player inside the memory.但是不管如何,《热血传奇sf》三部曲作为一个时代的象征,他的存在还是非常有意义的,即使市面上chinahbhq类题材的页游这么多,但是很难有哪一部可以真正像《热血传奇sf》这样成为玩家们内心深处最重要的回忆的。

The three Webpage Game Amoy Webpage Game Xiaobian to recommend the game player is worth to try the game player, the strict sense can be regarded as the 5 chinahbhq class Webpage Game, because the "Legend of SF" a total of 3, want to understand the "Legend of SF" which can be changed. A department of the play slowly, we also can feel the page tour these years of development. And in front of two class chinahbhq Webpage Game "chinahbhq" and "chinahbhq" is more innovative gameplay, they broke the chinahbhq class Webpage Game mode, let the game player who does not feel the same as Webpage Game and not the same as the chinahbhq game experience. What are the players waiting for? Open the page and try these games!淘页游小编为玩家们推荐的这三款页游是非常值得玩家们去尝试的,严格意义上来说也可以算是5款chinahbhq类页游吧,因为《热血传奇sf》一共有3部,想要了解《热血传奇sf》的改变有哪些,可以一部部的慢慢玩,从中也能够感受到页游这些年的发展。而前面两部chinahbhq类页游《chinahbhq》和《chinahbhq》则是更加具有创新的玩法,他们打破了chinahbhq类页游的固有模式,让玩家们感受到了不一样的页游以及不一样的chinahbhq游戏体验。玩家们,还在等什么,打开网页,赶紧去试玩一下这些游戏吧!

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